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Originally established in 1998 to service the needs of independent operators in the Gulf of Mexico, Star Engineering Services, Inc. is now providing services for the oil and gas industry’s most challenging global hydrocarbon provinces. This expansive growth, underpinned by a culture of “best practices”, positions Star Engineering among the most successful and dynamic engineering practices of this decade.

Star Engineering is founded upon strong leadership with a “rolled up” shirt sleeve style. In 1998, Star opened its doors as a one-man shop. Over the years, the leadership has proven resourceful and involved, successfully navigating through an energy crisis and subsequent catastrophic events in 2005. Today, Star supports two dedicated offices strategically placed in Texas and Louisiana. Senior management strives for continuous improvement in its processes and systems, which drives top-notch customer service and quality control. Our team combines ingenuity and resourcefulness in order to ensure that Star Engineering Services, Inc. is a reliable source for practical engineering solutions that make sense for our clients.

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