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Summary of Services

Star Engineering Services, Inc. continues to strive for industry leadership by providing project management for onshore and offshore facilities and pipelines, and in this process we are is frequently called upon to provide “owner’s engineer” services, working with our partner clients and managing entire development projects on their behalf. As owner’s engineer, Star serves as the client’s project management team throughout a project, from early definition study work through FEED, detailed design, procurement, construction, installation, and start-up.

CAD Design & Drafting

The software we use at Star assists our team in the modification, analysis, and efficiency of a design. The 3D visualization tools also allow for faster and more robust overall designs by optimizing the placement of piping and equipment, particularly in confined areas.

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Concept, FEED, Detailed Design

We provide a global suite of services that include: Early Definition/Concept/FEED, Project Management, Structural Engineering & Design, Process Facility Design Pipeline Design, CAD Drafting, Procurement, Construction Management, Onshore Pipelines, and Surface Facilities. We have the tools to make your project a complete success.

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Structural Design

Our team handles everything from high level reviews, to concept and feasibility studies utilizing 3D computer simulations, to the FEED phase, where our practical expertise provides added value and efficiency, and finally onto the preliminary and detailed engineering phases where we strive to apply robust solutions for our client’s challenging project requirements, we are always up to the challenge.

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Facilities Design

Star Engineering Services, Inc. has solved many oil treating problems. In addition, our engineers participate in API and other institutes providing input into suggested RP guidelines and procedures, including the design of software programs on oil treating and desalting.

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Pipeline Design

For offshore pipeline projects we are able to provide practical and field-proven expertise in many areas, including: concept and field layout/development studies; submarine pipeline design; pigging facilities; hydraulic analysis; fiber optic continuous monitoring of risers; Platform risers and riser clamp design; Shore approaches and shore pulls, bundled installation; Pipeline crossings and stability considerations; onshore reception facilities; cathodic protection; as well as risers and J-tubes.

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At Star, we've learned from experience that we can never overstate the importance of building relations with the vendor community. The companies we work with have earned their reputations as dependable partners over the long course of business relations with Star Engineering Services, Inc., which ensures secure and on-time deliveries of equipment and materials from the factory to the construction site.

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Construction Management

In a construction management role, it is Star Engineering’s objective to augment the owner's staff with pre-planning, design, engineering, as well as construction and management expertise, to ensure the best possible project outcome, no matter what type of project delivery method is used.

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Onshore Engineering

Star Engineering Services, Inc. provides a multidiscipline and dedicated pipeline group with a staff possessing worldwide expertise in onshore pipelines, pump stations, compressor stations, meter stations, import/export terminals, gathering systems, storage tank farms and fiber optic systems.

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