Star Engineering Services, Inc.

Safety is a priority at Star.



Health, Safety, & the Environment (HS&E) Statement

It is the vision of Star Engineering Services, Inc. that no harm to people, damage to the environment, and that full and complete compliance with applicable regulations and company standards will always prevail. Life is precious and we are compelled to protect it at all costs. Star management believes that all incidents are preventable; therefore, we enforce a Zero Tolerance Policy.

At Star Engineering Services, Inc., we strive to achieve the following:

  • Safety is first above production and profit and there will be no conflict.
  • Delineate clear HSE&C responsibilities to all employees and contractors to manage accountability throughout the our organization.
  • Empower all employees with the required resources to meet the expected performance and responsibilities. Training will be key to equipping our employees with the required competency and HSE&C leadership skills.
  • We will always recognize and reward those employees that exhibit behavior consistent with HSE&C policies and standards.
  • Star will always strive for continuous improvement of our HSE&C programs to encourage stellar performance and to always demonstrate Star's leadership within the industry.
  • Work with clients to ensure that the principles that guide our actions are effectively integrated into commercial agreements, operational decisions and work procedures.